Christmas Eve: The Christ Candle

Light all 5 candles

It’s Christmas! It’s here. The Advent of Jesus, which we have been awaiting, is finally making its hoped for appearance. A time when the weary world finds reason to rejoice. A moment in which darkness makes way for light and hope squeezes past sorrow. No one more clearly embodies joy, and light, and hope than Jesus himself. For that reason, we light the final candle, the Christ Candle, on this day to recognize His birth.

Jesus proclaimed that He was the light of the world and those that follow Him will never walk in the darkness but will know the light of life. What a promise we’re reminded of at Christmas – that if we know Jesus we’ll never walk in darkness. There may be dark moments, dark nights of the soul, days when darkness threatens to drown out light, but it can’t. Not fully. Jesus, the light, has become Immanuel, God with us, even on the dark days. The prophet Isaiah said years and years before Jesus was born that those who had been living in darkness, those who had seen only distress and fearful gloom would experience light and peace and hope when the child, a Son, was given to them. “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light,” he said, “on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned” (Isaiah 9:2).

You may have seen some dark days, perhaps you’ve been living in the shadow of death or you’ve been walking through a time of dark thoughts, but Christmas tells us that it won’t always be like that. It won’t always be dark because light is about to dawn as God’s promise to His people is fulfilled, redemption is near, love has come, joy is breaking through, and peace is descending. Darkness is about to be dispelled by the glory of the Lord shining all around lighting up the night. Everything is about to change as light becomes visible and glory can be gazed upon in the form of a baby. This day, this Christmas day, hear the good news breaking into your darkness: A Savior has been born, a light has come that the darkness will never overtake or stamp out.

Do you know where to find Him? He’s no longer in Bethlehem, no longer lying in the manger – oh, He was there, attended to by Mary and Joseph, and worshipped by the shepherds who first heard the announcement. But, today, you’ll find Him at the right hand of the Father, seated on thrones in a heavenly city where lamps aren’t needed nor is the sun or moon because the brilliance of the glory of God is enough to light it thoroughly. Today, you can find this Savior, Jesus, and invite Him to bring light into your darkness.

Jesus, come this day and enter into my heart. I have been eagerly awaiting your arrival. You came to earth on Christmas so long ago, and you lived as both fully God and fully man. In that way You were able to die a death that paid the ultimate price for my sins to be forgiven and mercy extended to me. Death thought it had won, but three days later You rose again and now You live forever ruling at the right hand of the Father. I acknowledge Your Lordship. You are the King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

On this Christmas day I pray that You will come and take up residence inside of me, to rule over my life. I submit to your Lordship and I will live in response to all that You have done to save me and deliver me. Fill me with Your love and peace, Your hope and joy as I await Your second coming. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus, we wait for Your soon return. Amen.