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Welcome to Carbondale Assembly of God, a place of healing, hope, laughter, and peace. Whether you're planning your first visit or have been attending for years, we hope you feel at home here.

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2024 Bible Reading Plan

You’re invited!

Join with your Carbondale friends and family and read the Bible this year.

Ark Park Nursery

Ark Park Nursery

Babies from newborn through preschool are loved and cared for at the Ark Park.

CAGY Youth

You'll find a calendar full of activities for our youth.

Carbondale Kids

Carbondale Kids is designed for children Kindergarten through 5th grade.

College (C2135)

If you are a college student between the ages of 18-24 this is the ministry for you!

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At Carbondale Assembly of God, we're blessed to have a wide range of ministries and a great group of teachers and volunteers. Browse through our ministries and learn more about where you and your family can be a part of Carbondale Assembly of God!

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