Proverbs 10

By Pastor Brian

The tenth chapter of Proverbs is exactly what I think a chapter of Proverbs will be like—one after another short saying that are packed full of truth and wisdom! But they seem to come shotgun style with no rhyme or reason to connect them together. While I am sure that I could write pages about this chapter (and preach at least one full sermon per verse), I don’t think that you have that much time to read today, so let me sum up.

As I read through this chapter I see at least three major themes developing. First, we are assured that living a godly life will lead to pleasant and healthy outcomes. Second we are told that hard work is better than laziness. Thirdly, we are given examples of the great power that is contained in our words.

These are all powerful truths that have room to speak to each of us in our day to day lives. You will make countless decisions each day that have the power to move you either closer to the life that God calls you to or further away from it—we are well served by the reminder that living God’s way is in fact the best way to live! Each day you are faced with opportunities to take short cuts or skip out on the hard work and discipline that you know is best for you—we do well to remember that hard work and diligence pay off in the end in ways that are far greater than the short-term gains of laziness! You will speak countless words in the next twenty-four hours—we are wise if we remember the counsel of Proverbs that those words have unfathomable power to help or to hurt, to lift up or to tear down!

In the end, it should come as no surprise that what seems like the best and most succinct way to sum up this chapter is found right there in the middle of the chapter itself. Verse 17 says “People who accept discipline are on the pathway to life, but those who ignore correction will go astray.” (NLT) The whole book of Proverbs seems to be a plea for us to accept discipline—to live wise and godly lives. If we do, we will find that the blessings and wisdom of God are always close at hand. If we ignore God’s correction, we will find that our lives quickly spin out of control into chaos and destruction.

So as you live out this day that God has given you, will you commit to holding one of these Proverbs in front of you?   Will you commit to examining the choices that you make; do they lead you into godliness or sin? Will you commit to examining the effort that you expend; is it driven by long-term goals or short-term gain? Will you commit to examining the words that you speak; do they build up or destroy?

May God daily set our feet on the pathway to life!