Proverbs 5

By Pastor Brian

I hate sin!

I really hate it!

I hate how sin wounds and scars and destroys! I hate seeing families torn apart by sin! I hate seeing the broken hearts, broken spirits and broken relationships that are left over after sin rips through people’s lives!

But do you know what I hate most about sin? I hate the way that it still worms its way into my heart and life! I hate the way that it still somehow manages to make itself seem like a good idea sometimes even thought I hate it so much!

I think that is what the author of Proverbs is talking about in this chapter. I think that is why he is warning us again and again to stay away from sin! When it comes to sin, his message goes something like this: “Sin may seem like a good idea, but in the end it will kill you! Don’t even go near it! It will cost you everything and in the end you are sure to regret it! Why would you ever want to sin? Don’t you know that God is watching you? Don’t you know that sin will hold you captive? In the end sin will always lead you off by your own foolishness and destroy you!”

This is the story that the Bible tells over and over again—it is never a good idea to sin!

So the next time that sin comes to you, lips dripping with honey and speech that is as smooth as oil, remember that in the end it leads to death! Don’t even go near it! Keep your path far away from the door to its house!

And if you find that you are already bound in the chains of sin, bound up in the cords of your own foolish desires, know that God offers both forgiveness and freedom! Turn to Him. Turn away from your sin.