1. Rev. Charles E. Lee on September 18, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Dear Pastor Taylor: Just finished listening to your message from last Sunday, on Boundary Stones, an excellent delivery. My son, Laury, attends your Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening services, and he told about your great music service last night. He often tells me good things about Carbondale and how he’s blessed.

    I first learned of Carbondale while attending Central Bible Institute and Seminary during the late 40s, graduating in 1950, from a young lady who became Mrs. Naomi Cobb. (Can’t remember her maiden name). We later served together in Nigeria in seperate areas as missionaries, before health reasons kept me and my family from returning. My pastoral years were spent in Florida and at home here in Huntsville, AL. These 64 years included 21 as a member of the General Presbytery.

    Back to your message, I am greatly concerned about the “boundary stones” that are being changed within our Fellowship. You mentioned the 500 year time span for changes in the church world, and thank the Lord for the good ones, but I regret to see some of what is happening now, like those influenced by “purpose driven” and “seeker friendly” philosophies. Solidly founded on the Word, is what has kept me on track through the Nigerian years as well as a church filled with scientists and engineers here in Huntsville, one of whom recently retired as one of Boeing’s Vice Presidents.

    Please continue holding true to the Word, and proclaiming nothing less. I will be listening often on your website, and being blessed.

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